Academy of Distinguished Civil & Environmental Engineers


The Academy of Distinguished Civil & Environmental Engineers (Academy) is dedicated to recognizing outstanding alumni who bring honor to the Civil & Environmental Engineering (CEE) department at the University of Houston (UH) and have sustained distinguished contributions to the profession, field, the university, or society at large. Academy members represent an elite group of alums who have achieved greatness all starting with the same set of tools obtained at UH.


When selecting candidates, the Academy seeks out alumni who received their degree in Civil or Environmental Engineering from the University of Houston at least twenty years prior to nomination. During those years, candidates must have become an outstanding engineer, practitioner, scientist, researcher, and/or possess recognized expertise in one or more fields of civil or environmental engineering. While focused on Civil & Environmental Engineering, the Academy also recognizes alums who have become an outstanding and recognized leader and achieved distinction in a field other than civil or environmental engineering.

Academy members are leaders in their communities or businesses and have achieved outstanding success. They are active in professional or career organizations, recipients of honors in their profession, and active in the community. Many are known by their involvement in public service, service organizations, and/or charitable causes, or are lecturers or writers on subjects related to their chosen field.


The Academy is evidence of the success available to current students. Recognizing these well-decorated alumni will help the University achieve national prominence in civil or environmental engineering education and strengthening students’ understanding of the engineering profession through the personal and professional example of their predecessors. The Academy will be a distinguished group of alums to provide expert advisory guidance and counsel to the department chair, faculty, and students and advance the objectives of the development program.


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